Dried Apricots


Turkish apricots are mostly produced in Malatya province known as the “Capital of Dried Apricot and alsoTurkey is the major producer and supplier of dried apricots.Dried apricot is derived from fresh apricot, there are two types: Natural dried apricots are dried directly under the sunlight and have a light to dark brown color. They are not treated with sulphur dioxide. Sulphured dried apricots, which are treated with sulphur dioxide (SO2) in order to provide a lighter colouring and a longer shelf life. The colouration is between light yellow and orange.Dried apricots are often consumed as a snack, and after grading are also mixed with other dried fruit and nuts, as well as being an important ingredient in chocolate snacks, baked cakes and desserts and breakfast cereals. They are usually supplied whole, but can be supplied in halves or slabs.


  • The main aspect of the apricot is its richness in fiber, vitamins and minerals and as a consequence, it is regarded as a valuable fruit and natural medicine.
  • The apricot is rich in carotene β, which is found in vitamin A, and this vitamin is known to be a cancer fighter.
  • Regarding minerals, the apricot has low sodium and high potassium contents, which makes it important for diet programs.


0 60 – 80
1 81 – 100
2 101 – 120
3 121 – 140
4 141 – 160
5 161 – 180
6 181 – 200
7 201 – 220
8 221 – Up